Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Castlewood’s Integrative Environment

One of the distinctions Castlewood has made a valuable aspect of our recovery philosophy over the last 15 years is our integrative treatment environment. All our facilities are gender neutral, and all diagnosis interact and are treated together. The importance of this lies in allowing individuals to deal with feelings, possible triggers and concerns they may have, out in the open. In everyday life there may exist issues an individual has with people of a different gender, body type or mental health condition. By creating a real life environment with the safety and guidance of professional staff, it’s possible for our clients to confront, discuss and better understand what they think and feel. These group settings also promote appreciation for diversity and the ability to recognize commonalities. For 13 years Castlewood has also created LGBTQ friendly environment campaigning for openness in treatment settings. Because of the stressors the LGBTQ community can experience, Castlewood strives to create a warm, non-judgmental environment. In this way an individual can feel comfortable seeking help for disordered eating in a neutral and compassionate treatment setting. While some studies suggests that eating disorders can significantly impact segments of LGBTQ populations, there is much research still to be done concerning the relationships between sexuality, gender identity, body image and eating disorders. Castlewood has a clinical staff skilled at addressing sexuality and identity formation, and the part these developments can play in contributing to eating disorders and other mental health conditions. We will be celebrating this special event all month long, with this special blog series about how far Castlewood has come in 15 years. How far have you come in your recovery? Share your story with us on Facebook or leave a comment on this page.