Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Being an Advocate for Recovery

Having walked through the journey of treatment for an eating disorder, finding lasting results is truly a gift. The transformation from having poor physical and emotional health to finding freedom and strength provides an opportunity to grow and positively impact the life of others. Part of participating in recovery may be attending support groups within the community and meeting individuals who are still looking for direction. When encountering someone who you see struggling with similar disordered eating patterns, you have the chance to share with them your first-hand experience about your recovery and what’s been helpful for you. However uncomfortable it may be approaching someone for the first time, remember how significant it can be to meet a friend who understands. Talking about the benefits of treatment and your recovery story with another person can provide them with hope and a positive direction. Workplaces and school environments can also bring opportunities to advocate for recovery and positive body image. Speaking up when people are participating in challenge diets or “fat talk” can have a positive impact for both others and your own recovery. However, don’t forget to put your recovery and serenity first, there will certainly be times when taking a step back might be the right decision. One of the gifts of recovery is being able to gauge when and how you feel comfortable speaking with others. Another way to advocate for recovery is through sharing your story online and becoming a part of the dialogue for good health and positive body image. It has been said that we can’t always know who will be positively impacted by our story and our message. We encourage Castlewood Alumni to share the gift of recovery and reach individuals who are still struggling. Sharing beneficial articles and blogs on social media, along with commenting and supporting one another, promotes the ongoing dialogue for positive change. You can also reach out to us with your story for publication online. Whether publishing with Castlewood or on your own site, your story is important! By sharing your story, you can reach countless people and be an advocate for recovery. To share your story of recovery, email You can post anonymously or by using your first name and last initial. Speak Up, Speak out. You never know who your story will inspire.