Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

15 Years of Recovery through a Strong Clinical Philosophy

Throughout the course of Castlewood’s history, our clinical philosophy has been integral in providing high quality care for individuals with eating disorders and associated mental health conditions. Through stabilization, processing and integration, individualized modalities are specifically tailored for each stage, integrating the work done through the treatment process back into real life, and creating meaning that translates outside the treatment facility. Through the stabilization program, clients are able to focus on learning, developing, and implementing various skills such as relapse prevention, gaining mastery over grounding and containment, or learning emotional regulation techniques. Stabilization allows clients to gain containment over symptoms, so they may adjust into the Castlewood community and more fully participate in process therapies. One aspect of Castlewood’s clinical philosophy developed through processing work, is recognizing eating disorders as an issue of attachment. This requires evaluating how abusing methods used to provide a sense of safety, or an illusion of control, have concealed the ability to find these stabilizing elements within relationships that may have been considered unsafe or unsatisfying. Castlewood has been leading the way in evaluating the relationship between attachment insecurity and eating disorders, which has become a standard in the treatment community. By getting to the roots of attachment issues with primary caregivers, and through additional independent process therapy, clients begin to see significant resolution and sustainable recovery. The integrative stage of treatment is where clients begin to readjust into everyday life again, with the support of Castlewood and their recovery community. Through partial hospitalization, outpatient and transitional living opportunities, clients can begin to manage their own life again, with the strength and guidance which has built the foundation of their recovery. In celebrating 15 years of helping clients achieve recovery goals, Castlewood is proud to play an important role in the research and development of effective treatment which continues to improve the field of eating disorder recovery. We will be celebrating this special event all month long, with this special blog series about how far Castlewood has come in 15 years. How far have you come in your recovery? Share your story with us on Facebook or leave a comment on this page.