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#NoFilter #CWRecovery #AllianceforEDA

#NoFilter Required

Focus on the real you, #NoFilter required. This empowering statement is making a difference, and it began right here at Castlewood Treatment Center in St. Louis. The #NoFilter movement has some close-to-home roots. We are honored to share the recovery journey of so many wonderful people and families. As both treatment professionals and fellow sojourners of life, it was painful to see how detrimental the filtering of photos and experiences can be. We started with a simple mall banner, primarily focusing on getting the word out to those who needed help with an eating disorder. As the conversations began, and the #NoFilter selfies and conversations began to crop up across the country on social media, we made a discovery. Celebrating positive body image and raising awareness of how the media has on our self-perceptions, is actually aimed at each and every person, not just those we work with and care about. Positive body image is about authentically appreciating what our bodies do for us each day to give us the power to experience and celebrate our lives. Strong, flexible, amazing and adaptable.

The Rule of Five

A well-known motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, frequently shares his idea that each of us is the average of the five people we spend the most time with. That is a lot of reflecting back, and taking on the filter of what they see in us. Add on how advertising tries to define us, and it is not so surprising that sometimes we are not sure how to be authentic. The #NoFilter mission is to move past these filters and unrealistic standards of the entertainment and fashion industry, and celebrate the beauty in what our bodies can do for us. On February 28th, we are supporting our #NoFilter partner The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness at their 4th annual Celebrate EveryBODY walk in Boca Raton, Florida. Like Castlewood, The Alliance believes that our mission isn’t just confined to those who need help for eating disorders. Letting artificial filters (real or self-imposed) define us needs to become something found only as a sad historical reference. Help us take the #NoFilter movement to the next level! Share a selfie or worldview on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags: #NoFilter #CWrecovery #AllianceForEDA and challenge your friends to do the same. Take it a step further, donate to the cause and help fund treatment for those seeking recovery from their eating disorders.