Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

The New Airbrush

Recently an online essay highlighted a photo shoot of actress Ellen Barkin. The interesting part—the photos were shot from a #NoFilter perspective. Ellen stated bluntly “these dark circles under my eyes, I have them, that’s me.” Honest, authentic, #NoFilter. A quick snippet by the author also made an impression: “Confidence and being yourself, it’s the new airbrush.” #NoFilter is about positive body image. But it isn’t about beauty or ideas of beauty. At Castlewood, we want everyone to grab onto the #NoFilter campaign as a way to be fully authentic, and celebrate what his or her body can do for them. It can think! Love! Get us from work and to the park for a picnic. It can hold a baby and create art. Powerful, practical, personal and praiseworthy.

The Castlewood Team: Our Own Beautiful Mess

Life isn’t all rainbows and roses. We want everyone to share his or her real and authentic selves. Our desks are sometimes a mess, and we don’t always show up to work wearing a beautiful scarf every day of the week. This is the message we want to get out there: Every day isn’t a good day, but there are good days. That’s authentic and real. That is #NoFilter! #NoFilter is a real and necessary cultural change. Transforming the filter-dependent entertainment and advertising world isn’t easy. But that is the message we are sending with our #NoFilter campaign! You too can join this movement! Share your beautiful mess with the world by sharing your #NoFilter selfie or worldview to Instagram or Facebook using hashtags: #NoFilter #CWrecovery #AllianceForEDA. Take it a step further, donate to the cause and help others seeking recovery from eating disorders the help they need. Join the #NoFilter Movement and challenge your friends to get involved too!