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Castlewood Partners with The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness

This month, Castlewood announced a partnership with The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness that highlights Castlewood's on-going #NoFilter campaign. Castlewood, in their partnership with The Alliance, will be promoting The Alliance’s 4rth annual “Celebrate Everybody” walk, which kicks off February 28th. The walk will also feature Castlewood’s ongoing and highly successful #NoFilter campaign that encourages individuals to embrace life, the good with the bad, and accept that we're not perfect. To support that message, as part of the events at this year’s fundraising and awareness walk, participants will be able to step into a striking #NoFilter frame to take impromptu photos of themselves. The photos are being used as a personal challenge to flood social media with #NoFilter selfies and encourage others to do the same while practicing self-acceptance. Castlewood will also use the walk as an opportunity to help raise money for scholarships for The Alliance to help those who cannot afford treatment. The partnership with The Alliance evolves the #NoFilter campaign and also creates a powerful partnership to raise attention and support for critical issues. It also underscores both organization’s commitment to changing perceptions about body image.
“Having negative body image doesn’t mean that you have an eating disorder, and having a positive body image doesn’t mean that you will never have eating disorder issues. Our goal is to encourage recovery through authenticity. Removing filters both literally and figuratively is key to the #NoFilter movement. Thousands of individuals of all ages and genders have shot unfiltered photos of themselves to underscore the importance of accepting, and being accepted, in non-judgmental ways.”
Support the #NoFilter campaign by taking a selfie and posting it to social media, including Facebook and Instagram, with the hashtags #NoFilter #CWRecovery #AllianceforEDA. You can also support The Alliance by donating to their scholoship fund.