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Castlewood Announces New Day Treatment Program

Starting in January, Castlewood Treatment Center in St. Louis will open a newly designed direct admit Day Treatment Program. “In the past clients seeking direct admit into Castlewood’s Day Treatment participated in our Residential groups and meals. We noticed a trend over the last few years of more clients seeking direct admission into the PHP level of care. By distinguishing our Day Treatment clients from our Residential clients this allows us to provide even more customized programming and individual attention,” said Rebecca Baker, Program Director. Group therapy and meals will be held at our Day Treatment House on the grounds of Castlewood II. Clients attending this program will participate up to seven days per week and up 12 hours per day. The program will feature a level system which allows clients to gradually reduce programming hours and increase autonomy with space to practice newly acquired skills. In addition to group therapy, clients will receive three individual therapy sessions per week. Clients participating in this program will live in nearby recovery apartments, free of charge. Castlewood will provide transportation once a day to and from the apartments to the program; this will allow those that do not have a car or driver’s license to participate in the program. “Since we admit clients from across the country, we felt it important to offer a transportation option for those not able to provide for their own transportation. This is just another way that we are trying to meet the needs of our diverse clientele,” said Rebecca Baker, Program Director. Castlewood will continue to offer our unique and innovative Step Down PHP program for clients transitioning out of our Residential Program. This program has relocated to our IOP offices to allow for more space, greater autonomy, and an easier transition for clients who will later attend our Intensive Outpatient Program. Clients participating in the Step Down program will continue with the same treatment team from Residential treatment to allow for greater continuity of care. “By restructuring our Partial Hospitalization Programs into distinct programs we feel we can better meet the needs of our clients, and provide truly transformative treatment in a more intimate setting,” said Nancy Albus, Castlewood CEO.