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Relapse Prevention Tools Perfect for Holiday Gift Giving

Could a holiday gift really also be an eating disorder relapse prevention tool? Absolutely! Here are some tips for choosing a gift that is not only a token of affection, but also an affirmation of support. Recovery from an eating disorder involves two important tasks:
  • Learning to understand, and coming to terms with, underlying issues and causes
  • Rediscovering personal joy and meaning in life
These are not only key recovery points; they’re also good frames of reference when choosing a gift.

Matching Gift Ideas to Relapse Prevention Strategies

For example, treatment methods for anxiety include meditation or yoga. Gift ideas here include new togs, meditation music or a gift certificate to a yoga studio. A trendier option includes a smartphone breathing app that servers as a portable relapse prevention aid. Creative expression is also a part of supportive treatment at Castlewood. These effective approaches are used to explore feelings and release emotions in a positive way. Many people also find meaningful joy in art, music or movement, so you can consider giving:
  • Art supplies or art classes
  • A one-time class at a local artisan center
  • Community center salsa lessons for two (and offer to go with your loved one)
  • A beautiful leather journal or tickets to a local poetry reading
In addition to visual arts, some people in recovery from an eating disorder discover a meaningful new connection through words. Even though many gifts can be part eating disorder relapse prevention tool, it is a good idea not to emphasize the therapeutic reason the gift was chosen. Consider it a silent tribute to the hard work your loved one is doing.

It’s Always a Good Idea to Ask

At Castlewood we understand that families are sometimes unsure of how best to help those they love, particularly in the very early days of recovery. Don’t hesitate to ask what might be a supportive gift idea for your loved one, or whether it is a good gift now or at a later phase of recovery. What are your ideas for great holiday gifts that double as relapse prevention tools? Let us know in the comments section below!