Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Castlewood Alumni Express Gratitude

At Castlewood we encourage our clients to develop practices of mindfulness and gratitude as part of the recovery process. As we enter this season of gratitude, we wanted to share with you what our Alumni are most thankful for about their experience with our eating disorder treatment program.

In-Depth Individualized Treatment

"Castlewood is the best treatment facility I know of for those who suffer from eating disorders. An eating disorder doesn't just come up out of the blue; there are underlying issues which cause the eating disorder. Castlewood is the only facility that I have come across that addresses those underlying issues while also treating the eating disorder at the same time. I would recommend Castlewood to anyone who has an eating disorder. The faculty and staff are wonderful and caring, and the grounds and scenery are beautiful. You aren't just another number or patient with an eating disorder at Castlewood, you are treated as family. I have never felt safer in my life than I have here. Thanks to all the faculty and staff there for helping me through such a rough period in my life. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude."
“More than I could have ever asked for in a treatment center. Focused on exactly what needed to be focused on and helped me to understand my disease and where it has developed from. Incorporated so many aspects of my eating disorder and where and why it has developed in my life in therapy session and in groups. Has given me so much clarity on the why behind my eating disorder and has given me many of the tools I need to move forward in my recovery. I am forever holding the highest gratitude to my team and to the community, this has been the biggest blessing in my life thus far.” ~ A.H.
“Castlewood made a major impact on my life. I was finally able to understand more about myself and my behaviors and their functions then at any place I have been to in the past. I was able to learn why I am the way I am and do the things I do, which I am grateful to have discovered."

Highly Trained Dedicated Staff

"I always find the amount of compassion that staff at Castlewood provides is incredible. Not even just from my treatment team and direct care, but also going to the chefs, housekeeping, maintenance, and everyone in between. The staff at Castlewood is incredible, and everyone makes this place work far beyond a normal treatment facility. The fact that no one treats clients like anything other than humans is incredibly important to the recovery process. If it wasn't for the staff, I'm not sure how much work I truly could have gotten done. I've had multiple therapists during my time at Castlewood, and everyone has helped me in ways that I could never truly describe. Castlewood has helped me see how important compassion truly is, and they have helped me see how I should have compassion towards myself."
“Castlewood provided treatment better than I could have imagined. The staff are all incredibly dedicated and motivated, it's inspiring how much they believe in the work. I am so glad that I came to Castlewood.” ESM
“Castlewood staff consists of some of the most patient, dedicated and caring people I have ever met. I'm grateful for the invaluable time they spent aiding me in my recovery process. Castlewood will always hold a special place in my heart.”
“I have been extremely impressed with the quality of care at Castlewood. The Direct Care staff went above and beyond to meet my needs & to "meet me where I was" in order to help me progress in treatment. Direct Care at CW is far more knowledgeable and well trained than the DC at any other facility I've experienced & this made a huge difference in my overall treatment experience. Therapeutic staff is as talented as expected - I had providers who specialize in the specific disorders I present (in addition to the eating disorder.”

A Full Continuum of Care

“I extremely enjoyed and benefited from the time I spent at Castlewood. They customized my needs from stepping down from Residential treatment, with the just amount of support and introducing back into my normal lifestyle. Thank you for the experience and support, I am eternally grateful for the team I have had here. Wish I could take them with me as I continue my road to recovery. “ ~ L. S.
“IOP was probably one of the best decisions I could have made, next to coming to Castlewood in general. My experience was always that it was an incredibly supportive environment, and the staff members were always patient with me even when I was more of a "difficult client". This helped me to be able to learn more how to trust and that what I had to say or what I felt was okay. I really like the new program structure with the level system and being able to have the flexible schedule with more days. It was incredibly helpful at times to be able to come in on the weekend when life was more difficult and to be able to step down days when I was ready for it. There were many times where the IOP therapists went above and beyond to give me what I needed, and I am eternally grateful for that. This program is unique in the amount of hours and intensity that it provides. Going from the deep work that I was doing in residential and step down, it would have been a disaster for me to go straight to outpatient or to a different IOP where they only meet twice a week for a couple of hours and never get to do the real work necessary. The fact that Castlewood’s IOP starts out seven days a week and tapers down is very beneficial and helped a lot in my process. .It allowed me to do the work that needed to be done, learn how to live in the world, maintain a job, learn the life skills, etc. and then be able to come back to a safe environment to process it. The groups offered were also extremely helpful. They provided groups from ED group and Core, just like in Residential, to life skills and nutrition group, things that are necessary to master before fully entering out into the world. There is so much to say about what I received from my opportunity to be a client at IOP and I am so glad I came here.”


“I have been in inpatient or residential treatment at five other facilities before I finally could afford to switch insurance carriers to one which covered Castlewood, my at-home treatment team's first choice 7 years ago. My only regret is having waited so long. Your staff, including the insightful and compassionate direct care providers, were able to see beyond the food into what I really needed to address. I never felt alone on this journey. I was allowed, even encouraged, to be an active participant in creating and modifying my treatment plan. When I needed extra support, it was always provided. I am not "cured" but I am prepared for the next step. Actually, I am excited about it, when a few months ago I couldn't have told you what excitement felt like.” L.P.

Quality Group Therapy

"Groups are extremely helpful, in that each one has purpose and are not just there to fill time. There are a variety of gifts and talents among the staff that help to make CW a balanced program."