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Understanding Orthorexia: Castlewood Staff Member Interviewed for National Magazine

Katie Thompson, MS, LPC, NCC, one of Castlewood’s extraordinary primary therapists, was recently interviewed by Addiction Professional Magazine. Concerned about the increasing prevalence of orthorexia, Katie is personally and professionally pleased to be able to share her concerns and expertise. Addiction Professional Magazine provides a national resource addressing current trends, research, education and news for clinicians who are dedicated to maximizing their professional skills.

Importance of Increasing Knowledge of Orthorexia

Understanding the challenges of working with clients with orthorexia was an important aspect of Katie’s interview. Orthorexia is an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy food. As with other types of eating disorders, this rigid approach to food and eating can be so extreme that it has a detrimental effect on daily functioning and overall health. This isn’t just a choice to eat in a healthy manner, although many people with this disorder may be adamant that they are concerned with eating in pure, healthy ways. Orthorexia is filled with rules, fear, guilt, denial, pain and self-judgment. People of all ages can be affected, many of whom have been viewed by friends and family as being “very health and wellness oriented”. Orthorexia is extremely complex. Katie distilled the key concepts and challenges in a way that provides essential guidance and information to professional clinicians who aren’t as familiar with orthorexia. Because orthorexia is not accepted yet as a formal diagnosis, less specialized addiction clinicians may not recognize the orthorexic behaviors as something of concern until extreme weight loss appears, or individuals become sick. Making a positive impact within the professional eating disorder field is important to the entire Castlewood Team. By doing this, we help improve the quality and range of services available to everyone in the wider community in need of help. We’re proud that Katie was chosen to highlight her special understanding, and compassion for, individuals and families who are struggling with orthorexia. Continue the discussion and Follow us on Facebook to learn more about eating disorders. Also, join our campaign to raise awareness and appreciation for life without a filter. Post your selfie or your usie to Facebook or Instagram using #NoFilter.