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Learning to Cope with your Eating Disorder through the Season

Castlewood’s Holiday Intensive Program: Learning to Cope with your Eating Disorder through the Season

We understand that many people with eating disorders, even those in recovery, dread the coming of the holiday season. Castlewood has created an intensive and highly personalized holiday program to help men, women and adolescents (ages 16 and up) be ready to take on the holidays with a personalized strategy plan. Do these quotes resonate?
“My family doesn’t seem to understand how stressful the holidays are for me, and why I’m not eating, or why I avoid family gatherings.”
“During the holidays, food and feasting is everywhere. I feel isolated, but can’t seem to find a good way to take part. I don’t know what to do.”
If so, take part in our Holiday Intensive Treatment Program, and take charge of the season, instead of allowing it to rule your emotions and behaviors. Castlewood’s professional clinicians will work closely with you to improve your understanding of holiday stress, and create effective ways to manage the season. Both group and individual activities are included, and you will get plenty of practice managing your symptoms before the holidays are in full swing.

Details about Our Unique Holiday Intensive Program

Since this program was so beneficial to our alumni last year, Castlewood is extending it an extra month, from November to January. Clients can receive intensive treatment around their work, school and other commitments. The program is a minimum of 14 days, but can be extended for those who need extra time. Although this is primarily an intensive, day-treatment program, participants can live in our transitional housing as part of the all-inclusive price. Even local clients may opt to do this, in order to maximize the peer interaction and support that occurs when living together with others experiencing similar holiday stress. Participants can also choose to take part in this beneficial holiday preparation at any of Castlewood’s three national facilities. You can attend right here in St. Louis, or at our Alabama and California locations. Regardless of location, you’ll receive the same high quality and intensity of care, from a team of experts who truly care about your recovery. For more information, or to enroll, contact our Intake Department at 888-822-8938. Insurance will cover this intensive program for many clients, and when it doesn’t, Castlewood is able to offer a special reduced self-pay rate. Join the #NoFilter movement. Help stop artificial rules and regulations about beauty reflected in advertising and social thought. Share your thoughts and comments on this!