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10 Positive Affirmations for Recovery

Recovery. It is a beautiful, hopeful word that for many feels like viewing light from the bottom of a dark sea. Positive affirmations for recovery are powerful statements that help start that challenging and brave journey towards the light of recovery. Repeating an affirmation doesn’t necessarily mean believing the words, at least not at first. But when repeated, and used as a hopeful talisman, these affirmations become a reality on which to harness recovery. If you’ve read the book The Help, or seen the movie, you’ll remember the three powerful affirmations that Aibilene gave little Mae Mobely:
You is kind, you is smart, you is important.
These positive qualities were what Aibilene knew Mae needed. She helped Mae repeat them often, so that over time they would become a powerful, personal truth for Mae. Positive affirmations for those in recovery can do the same. They start with hope, and over time can support reality. Positive affirmations for recovery are particularly powerful when constructed as I will statements, and I am statements. Repeating them is the key: silently, softly, and even shouting them when necessary!

10 Affirmations: Portable Power in Times of Doubt

Positive affirmations for recovery should initially be written down and carried at all times. Look at them often. Read them, and say them out loud. Positive affirmations aren’t like a personal mantra, there is no need to choose just one. Choose a range of affirmations. Some may be things that feel impossible at the moment, but this doesn’t prevent them for being a powerful affirmation. They can relate to specific tasks or feelings. Here is a starter list of positive affirmations for recovery. Use these, or find others. Or write your own!
  1. I am whole, complete and beautiful, just the way I am.
  2. I am a worthwhile person, deserving of love.
  3. I will spend less time looking in mirrors.
  4. I am more than just a number on a scale.
  5. I will make a list of five good qualities about myself, and I will remind myself of these qualities when I begin to feel badly about my body or my weight.
  6. I will love myself at this moment, and keep moving forward.
  7. I will let myself ask for help if I’m afraid or uncertain.
  8. I will not wait to have a good day. I will make one.
  9. I will accept happiness, because I deserve to be happy.
  10. I will appreciate each way, no matter how small, I care for myself and my body.
Do you have positive affirmation that are particularly meaningful to you? How does your personal recovery affirmations give you power? Keep the conversation going by commenting here, and then sharing your personal affirmations on Instagram using hashtag #WhatIsRecovery. Your affirmation may be what someone else is seeking as a guide in their own recovery!

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