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Healthy Body Image – Making Peace with All of Your Body Parts

It's hard to ignore the many magazine covers plastered with pictures of models that don't seem to have any imperfections on their bodies. This makes it all the more important to remember that you are not that model, and in fact, the majority of the population does not even come close to resembling that model. Staying at peace with your body and all of its parts will let you have a healthy body image and live a healthy lifestyle.

Reaching For the Unreachable

Setting goals is great. Setting unreachable, impossible goals is dangerous. If you put too much pressure on yourself to look like that airbrushed beauty on the cover of your magazine, you can easily become daunted and give up on your goals. Shoot for a more healthy body image ideal, one that is attainable and allows you to enjoy your life by eating in moderation and exercising occasionally. The truth is, those models and actresses don't always look that way. Before a photo shoot, they often deprive themselves of food and liquids. This is very unhealthy and is in no way the ideal body. The ideal body is well-nourished and hydrated. Healthy is beautiful, and being healthy is well within your reach.

See Yourself a Different Way

Take some time to look at yourself in a new light. Really examine yourself and instead of having a critical eye, pick out some positive points. Maybe your arms are looking particularly tone, or your curves are actually quite appealing. If you begin to find fault with anything, stop yourself and embrace the positive. Make a list of your top five favorite traits, and keep the list. Anytime you start to feel down about yourself, read the list and remind yourself that you are beautiful. Own it- buy a new outfit that flaunts your best qualities. Having a healthy body image can really boost your confidence, something that will make you even more beautiful to the world. Continue the discussion on our Facebook and post your thoughts on obtaining a healthy body image.