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Focus On What Your Body Can DO, Not What It Looks Like!

Powerful. Graceful. These are striking words that have no connection to the scale or mirror. “I’m from warrior stock,” laughed Emma, striking a bold pose during a recent conversation about body image. No long legs and straight body lines here. Emma is proud of how she looks “because it is my look!” Emma’s message: love your body. Strength. The body is a glorious instrument, an active one, a loving and giving one that can help others and is worthwhile and perfect in its unique shape and size. We can see and experience what our bodies can do, but without an artificial aid, like a mirror, we do not see what we look like. Experiencing and celebrating yoga, walking, running, hugging, sailing, dancing, spinning, smiling, laughing—these are all ways we can focus on the power of what our bodies can do.

Be your own warrior!

The combined image of strength and beauty is not one that pops up frequently in advertising, where the muscles and natural body shapes are computer-brushed away, and individual beauty honed to an unnaturally featured look. This is something that needs to change! Power and empowerment come from using your body as a bold instrument. Realizing what your body can do is a positive, natural way to reduce unrealistic comparisons and concerns about body image. Let’s get this love your body campaign kick started, and make as big an impression as the recent Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. It is just as important and just as often overlooked. The unfiltered goal: love your body just as it is, without photographic tweaks. Taking a different kind of plunge you can create change by supporting #NoFilter on social media. Take a selfie showing what your body can do! No filters, no image alterations. Be a #NoFilter warrior, and don’t forget to tag @castlewoodtc so you can inspire others!