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Mothers and Others March: the FREED Act Must Pass!

For people who love and care about those with eating disorders, or has tragically lost someone from an eating disorder, September 30th is way to bring eating disorder awareness to the public, and more importantly lawmakers! The inaugural MOM March on Washington, held at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 in Washington DC., brings eating disorder advocates to the Nation’s Capital for two days of lobbying and educating Members of Congress, pushing them to increase efforts on the FREED Act and Truth in Advertising.


M.O.M. stands for “Mothers and Others”, and is a unified group of mothers, professionals and interested individuals who want to make their important messages heard, created a cooperative effort of MAED (Mothers Against Eating Disorders), the Alliance for Eating Disorders, and EDC (The Eating Disorder Coalition for Research, Policy & Action). Many of those taking part in the M.O.M. have lost a child to an eating disorder, and want to make their poignant stories heard as part of this national eating disorder awareness event. The FREED Act, also known as HR 2101, was introduced in 2013 by Florida Representative Ted Deutch. FREED, an acronym for Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders, is intended as a government recognition of the severe impact of eating disorders on all Americans, either directly or peripherally. In Rep. Deutch’s words:
“The ignorance in our society surrounding eating disorders is costing us lives, and the federal government has a responsibility to take action.”
The current FREED Act is a permutation of earlier efforts that go back more than four years. So far, efforts to pass a resolution have failed. M.O.M March is an important way to strike hard on legislators’ eyes and ears, ensuring they understand what is at stake. The FREED Act is comprehensive in nature, and is intended to:
  • Make eating disorder treatment more available
  • Increase funding for low-income citizens suffering from eating disorders
  • Increase funding for eating disorder research, including that done at the National Institutes of Health
  • Develop more effective treatments based on increased evidence-based research
  • Extend education programs to the public on eating disorder awareness
  • Create more effective prevention programs
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the inaugural 2014 M.O.M. March! September in Washington, DC is a beautiful time of year. Your voice and marching shoes will make a difference!