Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Castlewood Provides Meaningful Presence at National Conference

Supporting the National Conference on Addiction Disorders and the Behavioral Leadership Summit Castlewood continues to make a national impact by supporting education and leadership on eating disorders and related addiction disorders. Beginning tomorrow, August 22nd in St. Louis, Castlewood will be sponsoring and taking part in the highly respected National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) and the concurrently held Behavioral Leadership Summit. The Castlewood team is proud to be a part of these premier events.
“At Castlewood, we have a commitment to our clients to provide the highest quality of care,” said Nancy Albus, CEO, Castlewood Treatment Center. “Participating in conferences like the National Conference on Addiction Disorders allows our staff to interact with other nationally recognized facilities and learn about advances in evidence-based and innovative therapies to help our clients achieve lasting recovery.”
Castlewood will take an active role by providing a tour and workshop session, manning an informational booth, and being on the learning end as participants in many NCAD educational opportunities.

Facility Tour and Conference Boots on the Ground

Tomorrow, August 22nd from 1p-4p, Castlewood is proud to offer conference participants a tour of Castlewood’s St Louis treatment center combined with a continuing education workshop for professionals. This workshop, entitled Working the Shame and Vulnerability in Eating Disorders and Addictions, is presented by Castlewood’s expert primary therapist Katie Thompson, MS, LPC, NCC. Castlewood is also happy to provide additional tours upon request during the multi-day conference, in order to allow other participants to see our unique treatment center and learn more about our exemplary treatment approaches. Many Castlewood clinical staff members will be extending their personal professional knowledge by taking part in educational sessions at the conference. These sessions and workshops provide information on treatment techniques and important trends when working with clients who have chemical and substance abuse issues. Personal addiction recovery experiences will also be part of the conference agenda, including that of keynote speaker Darryl Strawberry, former Major League Baseball player.

What Castlewood’s Sponsorship of NCAD Means to Our Clients

Castlewood wants to provide the absolute best services to our clients. Our services include not only the best clinical therapy and treatment, but also logistical services, and our personal commitment to being fully up to date on insurance, legislative and regulatory trends and requirements. In addition to being an active support presence at NCAD and the Behavioral Leadership Summit, we are also sharpening our skills to be the best professionals that we can be for our clients and their families. We Invite you to tour our facility during NCAD.