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Brittany Miles

Brittany Miles Opens Up About What it Took to Overcome Her Eating Disorder

Brittany Miles is a girl who has remade the meaning of an “after” photo. Overcoming eating disorders means reevaluating what an ideal body weight means, and Brittany has used her site on Tumblr to encourage people to embrace their bodies by opening up about her own struggles with an eating disorder. Tormented by peers for her weight since she was 7, Miles began compulsively dieting and exercising at the beginning of her senior year of high school. When she started college the following year, she was down to a size 4 and became obsessed with losing more weight. Regardless of the unhealthy efforts she made, she was unable to reach the goal of being a 00 size. Despite being 15 pounds underweight, she received praise for her weight loss, which brought her down from a size 18. It's important to remember that there's no universal picture of how anorexia or bulimia look, and many people with eating disorders don't physically look like they have one. While there's a physical manifestation of the mental illness it's not a problem that stems from issues with physical health, but emotional and mental well-being about body image and weight.
"During recovery, you realize that you have to make a choice," Miles said. "You can choose to try and fit some predetermined mold, or you can focus on being the happiest and healthiest, both mentally and physically, version of yourself."
Brittany says beginning her own blog was her way of supporting other people overcoming eating disorders. Having gained 60lbs back in recovery, Brittany feels she’s found a happy balance, and that her body just seems to like being this weight. She understands all too well societies need to push weight loss for size 10-14 girls, saying how some see a size 4 before picture of her and don’t know the 14 year struggle to recovery which has made her a beautiful “after” shot today.

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