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Singer Kesha Faces Her Eating Disorder Head On

Kesha is direct. Singing and writing songs since she was in her teens, her lyrics are open about actions and feelings. Underlying those lyrics was an unspoken personal experience, her battle with an eating disorder. “I decided to face my problem head-on,” she relates. “My whole message is to love who you are, and accept all of your beautiful imperfections. When I felt I was slipping into unloving territory with myself, I knew I had to listen to my own advice and correct it.” Going to rehab was hard for Kesha. Not a surprising statement. Anyone who has been to rehab for anorexia, bulimia or another eating disorder can validate that. Eating disorders are used for many reasons, such as to control fear or painful emotions, or to hide trauma. The reasons are endless, and very personal. For Kesha, skydiving and shark swimming were easy to do in comparison to the decision to begin rehab. She admits that she ultimately “realized that I couldn’t do it by myself.”

Eating Disorder Lessons from Kesha

Two big points from come from Kesha going public about her eating disorder. First, the fact that professional help is necessary for recovery. This is difficult for the person with the eating disorder to accept, particular since the eating disorder is an important survival mechanism. Second, eating disorders are an equal opportunity issue. Rich, poor, male, female, teen or adult.  As more and more celebrities, and those outside the eye of the news, open up about their eating disorders, the more positive messages are sent. Eating disorders can be overcome. Happiness and health can be regained. Self-love can be celebrated once again. Recovery for Kesha was also a time of discovery and creativity. She came away from rehab with 14 new songs. Maybe these will be among her most honest expressions of all. What does recovery mean to you? Share images of your recovery on Instagram using #WhatIsRecovery