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Making Recovery a Priority

Making Recovery a Priority As You Head Back To School

The end of summer inevitably marks the transition back to more formal routines and the start of a new school year. In the next few weeks, more than 20 million American young adults will head back to classes, and while the new school year brings new experiences and challenges, the transition can be a trigger for mental health and eating disorders. Young people can face challenges to their success and well-being as a result of major life shifts and the onset of stress, pressure or instability. For many, college can signify the beginning of the freedom to control their own decisions and opportunities, and for some this may include control over food intake. Students who are unable to find healthy ways to cope with new levels of responsibility are at greater risk of disordered eating patterns or negative coping outlets to feel in control, or to relieve stress. The tendency to slack on self-care when away from the familiarities of home increases, particularly with the potential influence of peers who are displaying the same behaviors. Returning to college doesn’t have to mean putting treatment options on hold that will ultimately promote a more structured method for managing this transition. Castlewood has recently made available a flexible approach to scheduling, by offering programming hours every day of the week to make it easier for students to participate in recovery. Patients may come in for several hours a day, but in some cases can arrive at different times of the day through the course of a typical week to accommodate their schedule. The IOP treatment programs offered by Castlewood, The Highlands and Monarch Cove are designed to help students develop healthy coping skills promoting confidence and capability. It’s essential for individuals with eating disorders to discover what goals they want to work towards in their life and develop a strong foundation with which to achieve them. Whether you just have questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to make use of the resources we have available to help you make a positive fresh start.