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Filtered or Unfiltered? Why #nofilter is the Healthiest Choice

Back in the day you got what you got in your school photo. Goofy grin, cowlick, poor sweater choice, shiny nose, it was all there, the ultimate, honest expression of how we looked in that very minute, on that very day. Now even a cell phone has an in-app alteration tool, allowing us to filter our images into what we want to look like, instead of accepting our unfiltered beauty. Standing up for a #nofilter society is an important way to celebrate each person’s natural and unique beauty. According to research done by communications experts, when media content is repeated, and repeated, and look-in-to-my-eyes-you-are-getting-very-sleepy repeated, viewers begin to accept media portrayals as representations of reality. For example, the constant referencing of the model-thin “ideal” somehow becomes the gauge for attractiveness, and creates personal expectations on how one should look in order to be beautiful.

Join the Castlewood #nofilter Movement

Join our social movement. We are asking men and women to post selfies and usies on social media using #nofilter. No filter is a common photographic term that means exactly what you’d think: no Photoshop or another altering software was used in the making of this beautiful human being before you. Altering photos of babies, small children and pets isn’t routine, so why are more and more adolescents and adults tweaking their images before sharing them? 47% of girls in 5th-12th grade reported wanting to lose weight because of magazine pictures, even when they know that these images are filtered. What are the mixed messages being sent out, when children are encouraged to “be themselves” but over-filtering of images is the standard? Show yourself to the world with #nofilter. Show everyone around you that you don’t need to edit yourself. Self-acceptance is powerful. It reduces stress, anxiety and self-doubt. It increases mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Low levels of self-acceptance increase stress, anxiety, and have the potential to snowball into problematic behaviors such as eating disorders or addictions. Let’s support each other during this time, Go #nofilter, and celebrate your natural beauty, and the very diverse palette of our humanity!