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Consortium Goal to Increase Access to Quality Residential Care

REDC, The Residential Eating Disorder Consortium (REDC) was formed in 2011 to help those with eating disorders have increased access to residential eating disorder treatment programs, and Castlewood is proud to be one of the founding members of REDC. One of the major reasons that REDC was created was due to a change in insurance guidelines that stopped residential treatment for mental health issues. Eating disorders were not covered under this rule, and clients were no longer able to get the level of monitoring, structure and intensity of therapy that is a critical part of residential eating disorder treatment. This was unacceptable to the professionals who help clients with eating disorders and associated mental health issues. REDC works to increase access through research and advocacy. Professional research allows eating disorder clinicians from all specialties to document the effectiveness of a variety of evidence-based treatments that are most successful when provided within the framework of the residential eating disorder treatment. This information is used as supporting documentation to improve insurance coverage and for lobbying activities. Membership to REDC is a very selective process, and the organization holds member facilities to extremely high standards of service to the client’s being treated. These standards include many areas that involve licensure, staffing guidelines, supervision and assessment standards, treatment and communication guidelines and an active multidisciplinary treatment team approach with psychiatric, psychological, nutritional and medical staff. Castlewood actively takes part in many collaborative research programs with other REDC residential eating disorder treatment facilities. In addition, Castlewood takes part in REDC executive level sessions on trends and insurance issues and serves on the critical sub-committee on long-term outcome studies for all research projects. This month, in collaboration with REDC, Castlewood begins an important research study to examine the outcome of residential eating disorder treatment specifically related to symptom reduction and improvement in quality of life. Thirty residential eating treatment centers across the United States are taking part in this study, including two Castlewood sites (our St. Louis, Missouri and Monterey, California locations). The data gathered from this larger sample size and greater variability in age, gender, and geographical location is more extensive than in many prior studies on residential eating disorder treatment. Clients have the option of taking part in this study during their residential stay, and are followed post-discharge. By taking part, Castlewood clients have a chance to influence issues that impact treatment for all types of eating disorders. What does participation in REDC mean to Castlewood’s clients and families? The absolute assurance that Castlewood is dedicated to working on behalf of all individuals and families affected by eating disorders, making sure that they receive the best care and highest consideration, regardless of their income level.