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Castlewood’s Monarch Cove Staff Member to Speak at Conference on Diversity

Monarch Cove PHP Program Director to Speak at Conference on Diversity

Looking behind the curtain at Castlewood Treatment Centers and you’ll find a clinical team that is not only dedicated to providing eating disorder recovery support for each client, but also highly educated and experienced individuals that use their time and talents to educate the professional community about eating disorders and co-occurring issues. Jenn Edwards, Monarch Cove’s PHP Program Director and expert therapist, is an excellent example of professional dedication to peer and community education. Jenn has been selected to lecture at Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.’s (EDRS) 2014 conference February 6-8, 2014, in Petaluma, CA. The theme of this year’s education–based conference is Diversity: The Many Faces of Eating Disorders and Treatment, and underscores the problems of eating disorders as equal opportunity struggles. Age, culture, or gender, any individual can develop an eating disorder. This is the 7th years EDRS has presented a conference to enhance the education of the professional eating disorder community and improving eating disorder recovery support. A large cross section of medical professionals take part in yearly EDRS continuing education conferences. Jenn will lead a breakout session entitled Using Body-Based Interventions to Build the Therapeutic Relationship Across Cultures. EDMR, Inc. is a non-profit organization created at the grassroots level by a dedicated group of eating disorder professionals and community members. The focus of EDMR is to promote community awareness of eating disorders, as well as promoting the highest level of professional education and collaboration. EDMR is also proud to award annual treatment scholarships to California residents to pursue or continue the eating disorder treatment needed for recovery. In 2013 over 35 scholarships for treatment were awarded. These scholarships are completely supported by donations. Castlewood’s Treatment Centers, including Monarch Cove, are proud to actively support and take part in professional education through lectures and community events.

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