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What is Treatment at Castlewood Really Like?

Castlewood Treatment Center provides a safe, judgment free environment for healing where clients can address their underlying symptoms with our caring, experienced staff. We are proud of our success and even more proud of our alumni who have gone on to leader fuller lives. Here's just a sampling of what's being said by our alumni, families and professional colleagues about the Castlewood experience:

What do Castlewood Alumni say about their treatment experience?

Castlewood has not been my first treatment center, but here, I found something for the first time: people who were willing to treat me with compassion, respect, and had a genuine interest in what I wanted and what would be most beneficial for me. They pushed and encouraged, but never forced me to do things before I was ready. I made plenty of mistakes and had lapses, but instead of being shamed, like I have been in the past, I was taught to take each situation and give myself understanding, as well as glean what I could to prevent the same errors in the future. Castlewood taught me that there are no “shoulds”: I am exactly where I am and I am allowed to feel exactly what I am feeling, and that is okay. I am okay. I am a person who deserves recovery. For the first time in my life, people have seen me, as I am, and in reflecting acceptance of this back to me, I have come to gain a better acceptance of myself, my strengths and qualities, and am confident I can be a more genuine person in the future because of it. Although I still have a way to go on the road to recovery, I having nothing but gratitude for me time, who freely gave their time, kindness and knowledge to help me discover and feel things about myself I didn’t know existed. I can also say I have built strong bonds in the community through skills taught by Castlewood and by daily challenging former beliefs about trust. In building relationships among other clients, I also feel more confident in my ability to apply these skills in the world.

~ ML

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What do the families of Castlewood clients say about the treatment experience?

It was very difficult to make the decision to send our 16 year old daughter to Castlewood for residential treatment of anorexia. However, we found quickly that Castlewood is a high quality and effective treatment center for eating disorders. Within 2 months of checking her in, she was back at home, well into her recovery, not only of her health and eating, but her life as a typical teenager. Castlewood’s program is rigorous, diverse and intense. The dieticians, psychiatrists, and therapists have specialized knowledge and experience with eating disorders and work together to devise a recovery plan to meet the client’s specific needs. They utilize a variety of treatments and approaches to therapy, focusing not only on restoring the client’s health, but also on identifying and addressing the issues behind the eating disorder. The household staff is sincerely warm, empathetic and caring. Having originally been built as a residence, the facility provides a nurturing environment during the client’s stay in a scenic and tranquil location. These factors all clearly contributed to the success of our daughter’s recovery. We are forever thankful to Castlewood for helping us and our daughter through a very difficult time, and for providing our daughter with the support and life skills that she will be able to use throughout the rest of her life!

~ J & MG

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What do professionals say about working with Castlewood Treatment Center?

Castlewood Treatment Center has served as an invaluable resource for me and my clients. Castlewood is a model of what eating disorders recovery can be – a coupling of innovative and expansive therapeutic methodologies in a supportive, serene environment. The clinical staff at Castlewood comprises the most talented, dedicated therapists in the world, with individualized programming uniquely attuned to the needs of each client. The recovery process at Castlewood is a partnership – clients develop a core sense of competence and ownership of their recovery path. My clients leave Castlewood empowered to continue their healing journey with their outpatient team, families, and friends.

~  Daisy Miller, Ph.D., LDN

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