Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

The First Step In Trusting Myself

"I do appreciate the general consistency that Castlewood keeps for all clients in the community, as well as the individualized treatment approach that navigates specific needs. I have never before felt so much care, compassion, and genuine interest in my needs and well-being. Everyone on staff at Castlewood is evidently here because they care about the clients, and their love and wisdom have helped me save my own life. I couldn't have the confidence in my desire or ability to recover if it weren't for all the support I have had here. I have learned how to build trust with my treatment team and community at Castlewood, which has ultimately been the first step in trusting myself and internal process. I am infinitely grateful for the individuals of Castlewood, for believing in me until I could believe in myself. " ~ 12/4/2013