Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

I will forever be grateful

"As a 22 year old who has struggled with her eating disorder for over half of her life, my hope for recovery had been rapidly reduced down to a flicker. Castlewood Treatment Center is the second facility I've undergone treatment for my eating disorder; however, it's the first place I was able to find a renewed hope for my future. Castlewood's staff is unbelievably knowledgeable about a variety of issues: trauma, abuse, eating disorders of every kind, substance abuse, anxiety and OCD, self harm, SI, body image issues, attachment issues--you name it; they are familiar and eager to help clients work through their struggles and begin to heal.  Castlewood's treatment extends beyond the surface of numbers and symptoms; their focus diligently hones in on the core issues and beliefs that drive the disorder. With their multiple different therapeutic modalities, Castlewood's staff is able to find the appropriate treatment approach (or approaches) to best suit the clients needs; thus, creating an extremely unique and individualized program. After having the privilege of staying at Castlewood for several months, I am able to look back and reflect on the noticeable changes and progress I've made towards my recovery. Their caring and trustworthy staff showed me a level of compassion and understanding  I've never experienced before; making me feel safe and confident in their abilities to help me overcome my eating disorder. The knowledge and understanding my family and I have obtained about my eating disorder is remarkable; I will forever be grateful.  Castlewood Treatment Center successfully restored my hope for recovery to a full blown flame."~AB