Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Castlewood is unmatched by any other program I’ve been to

"Before coming to Castlewood, I had given up on life. After battling an eating disorder for over 20 years, I felt hopeless and drained. I could not feed myself; I could not leave my home; I could not function. Castlewood save my life in countless ways. They saved me from my eating disorder and a path of self-destruction. Rather than focus purely on weight restoration and the nuances of eating disorder behaviors, Castlewood provided to me, and all of its clients, specialized and individualized adjunctive services targeting the underlying and co-occurring disorders that contribute to the eating disorder. The therapeutic experience at Castlewood is unmatched by any other program I’ve been to. The emphasis on both individual and group therapeutic work allowed me not only to explore the depths of my own struggles, but to learn and grow through the shared experience of my peers. For the first time, I was not alone in my struggles. The clinicians and staff at Castlewood approached my treatment with a compassionate discipline that helped me see the power of my eating disorder when I was in denial and could not face it. I learned about the shame, worthless, and self-hatred that my eating disorder tries to protect me from. My shame and self-hatred kept me locked in my house afraid to face the world. The work I received for my anxiety allowed me, for the first time, to recognize how my anxiety manifested in my life. I had a space to work on my anxiety without shame and judgment. My anxiety work allowed me to leave my home again. I will never forget how I panicked during my first exposure to Target and now visit Target on a regular basis by myself and free of panic. I now face the future with a renewed sense of hope. Castlewood helped me understand the underlying pain that keeps my eating disorder alive and the strength I have inside to battle it.  I now have the foundation to move forward. I will be forever grateful to Castlewood for giving me the chance to do that."-SSK