Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Preferred Provider Conference

Castlewood is planning an upcoming event at our St. Louis residential treatment center. On October 18-29, 2013, we will host a conference for individuals from around the country that are currently treating eating disorders in their private practices. These psychiatrists, licensed counselors, physicians, and other providers will come to Castlewood to hear from our staff about the treatment services we provide. At the event, we will give insight on nutrition programs, the medical management of patients, and how we use things like drama and expressive art therapy in the treatment and healing of eating disorders. Our purpose is to educate providers about our treatment modality at Castlewood so that these professionals can leave with new knowledge about eating disorders and their treatment. At Castlewood, we believe that it takes a multi-dimensional team working together to treat the complexity and uniqueness that make up an individual's eating disorder. All our different disciplines come together to create a beneficial treatment process for clients. At our Preferred Provider Conference, we will open up our doors so that guests can see our full facility. Participants will tour the center and see where clients eat, sleep, and participate in programs. They will see the treatment process from start to finish. Our goal with this conference is to encourage professionals to return home and represent to their clients what the treatment experience at Castlewood is like. We have a strong clinical foundation for treating eating disorders, and we want to showcase that for other professionals, so that when their client is contemplating entering residential treatment they will know exactly what to expect at Castlewood. We want to help eliminate all the unknowns for a client before they come here, because we know that there are many fears associated with accepting help from a treatment center that is unfamiliar and far away from home.
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