Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Developing Healthy Relationships

Castlewood Treatment Center will be hosting three Lunch and Learn sessions this October. The educational presentations will take place October 10, 22 and 23, and will be held at various locations throughout Texas. The topic of the discussions will be Helping clients with Eating Disorders Develop Healthy Intimacy, Relationships and Sexuality. As the presenter of these sessions, there are two main goals I hope to accomplish. First of all, I want to help clinicians who treat eating disorders in their practice to better understand the treatment philosophy of Castlewood. At Castlewood, we do not look at an eating disorder as the enemy, as many treatment providers do. Rather, we view it from the unique perspective that it is a protection mechanism that has allowed the individual to exist in this world. It is important for professionals to help a client identify themselves as a person and address their underlying issues before they can begin to heal from an eating disorder. With these sessions I also hope to identify the need for patients to create a more solid, defined relationship with themselves and in their intimacy with others. Clients who rush into relationships and intimacy after treatment often fail to set proper boundaries for themselves and others. The result is that the person in recovery doesn't have the self protection they need to continue to heal and avoid relapse. Providers who are aware of these dangers can help clients learn how to develop healthy relationships during and after their recovery. In my years working with clients with eating disorders, I have seen firsthand the need for patients to define their identity during treatment and in the relationships they form after recovery. I hope to use my presentations to help providers become more effective in helping clients through these challenges.

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