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Interview highlights development of eating disorder once kids have left the nest

‘Let’s Talk Shop’ radio show hosts Dawn Meadows Dixon and Teacha Tigue recently chatted with Clinical Director and Therapist Cara Faries about eating disorders triggered by children leaving home. Castlewood has been able to give hope to many who have previously been treated at other facilities Faries explained. “They have been taught how to eat food or work an exchange system or they have been taught how to manage behavioral approaches to shame but never get to the underlying issue,” she said. “Which to me is like putting a Band-Aid over a compound fracture.” In the interview, Faries discusses mothers who have lost their sense of self while raising their children. These mothers come to realize they no longer know who they are and may also have hard time connecting with their spouses. An eating disorder may start or be re-triggered in order to disconnect from feelings that come up. Later on the show, Faries described the different subtypes of women who suffer from eating disorders once their children have left the nest and she went over anticipatory steps to avoid the development of an eating disorder. ‘Lets Talk Shop’ is a weekday radio program aired on 1380 The Woman. The Woman is the first woman-talk radio station broadcast out of St Louis, Missouri.