Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Garden Group Therapy

Castlewood Treatment Center clients have experienced a new kind of therapy this year. The Garden Group is an opportunity for clients to work together to grow a garden. The therapy involves planting and maintaining the garden, and then preparing meals from the produce. This type of activity has been proven to be successful for those working toward recovery, and Castlewood is proud to be able to offer this kind of program. Garden Group Therapy1 The Garden Group at Castlewood allows clients to prepare a garden plot, plant the seeds, maintain the plants and harvest the fruits and vegetables. Participants also help prepare meals with the produce, which allows them to enjoy the end result of their work. This kind of therapy is effective because it teaches participants to be responsible and take care of another living thing; it allows them to be outside in the fresh air; and it provides them with sense of accomplishment when the vegetables grow and can be harvested. Gardening also deepens one's connection with the outdoors and nature, and provides a calming relaxation that helps with recovery.

Garden Therapy Helps Develop Skills for Recovery

Garden therapy, or horticultural therapy, is a way for clients to develop skills that will help them in their recovery and their new life of recovery. Clients in the Garden Group learn to work with others and build positive relationships. They develop skills such as problem solving, responsibility and team building. Garden Group Therapy2 This therapy provides clients with joy and satisfaction because they are working to accomplish a task, and can spend quality time outdoors. Learning about healthy choices and eating well are also encompassed into this program, and will serve clients long after their treatment is complete. This season's Garden Group therapy was a success. Group members are already planning additional activities and ways they can continue to improve their garden, such as planning meals with the produce, and decorating the garden for each different season. In the future this program will continue to motivate those in recovery to take part in positive, healthy activities.