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Eating Disorders and Empty Nesters – Nancy Albus Interview with Local News Station

Eating disorders can affect individuals at any age. This was the message Nancy Albus, CEO of Castlewood Treatment Center, wanted to get across in a recent interview. Nancy was featured on St. Louis' KPLR11 this week, where she talked about eating disorders among empty nesters. Many people think of eating disorders as being a young person's issue, but according to Nancy, "More women in their 40s and 50s are now seeking help for eating disorders." Eating disorders occur for many reasons, and among empty nesters it is largely due to the big changes and conflicts these women are experiencing. Women who find their children all grown up often feel a loss of identity. "Their role in the family and with their children changes, and it brings a lot of grief, loss, and sadness," said Nancy. A growing number of women are turning to things like binging and purging in order to numb their pain and feel in control again. Unfortunately, this behavior often leads to eating disorders, which quickly take control of a person's life. Treatment is available for older women suffering with eating disorders, and Castlewood has seen many success stories. Early intervention is the key, and anyone struggling with an eating disorder is encouraged to seek professional help.

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