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Nancy Albus, CEO at ICED Annual Conference

This week Nancy Albus, LPC Chief Executive Officer of Castlewood Treatment Centers is attending the International Conference on Eating Disorders. The Academy of Eating Disorders coordinates the ICED conference annually, which is held in Montreal this year. The ICED conference is known for its thought provoking lectures based in research and clinical application of evidenced based approaches to the treatment of eating disorders. AED attempts to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians through the annual conference. This years keynote address will be given by David Barlow, Ph.D on "Crossing Boundaries: What Can We Learn from Therapeutic Approaches to Neuroticism?" In this talk, Dr. Barlow will describe the state-of-the-art science on anxiety disorders, review available treatments for anxiety disorders, and focus on implementation and dissemination of psychological treatments for emotional disorders. The potential applicability of novel approaches to psychological interventions for emotional disorders to the field of eating disorders will also be discussed. We look forward to hearing Dr. Barlow's research on anxiety disorders at Castlewood Treatment Center for eating disorders. Castlewood specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders which co-occur with eating disorders. Our staff therapists include Masters and Doctorate level clinicians who are anxiety specialists and work with our clients to develop anxiety hierarchies and develop Exposure and Response prevention protocols. We believe it is imperative to address the anxiety disorder simultaneous to the eating disorder in order for both to remit. Click here for more information on Castlewood's anxiety services.