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Let’s Discuss Binge Eating Disorder

KatieThis May the American Psychiatric Association will release the DSM-V with many changes to the landscape of mental health diagnoses. One of these changes is the inclusion of Binge Eating Disorder as its own distinct eating disorder diagnosis. To mark this change, KMOV, the St. Louis local CBS affiliate, aired a feature on Binge Eating Disorder. Ms. Katie Thompson, a primary therapist at Castlewood Treatment Center was featured as a Binge Eating Disorder Treatment expert and discussed the various options available for treatment. A Castlewood Alumnae was also featured and shared her inspiring story of recovery from Binge Eating Disorder. Castlewood is so proud to be included in this episode of  Great Day St. Louis. Thank you to Katie Thompson and our Castlewood Alumnae for sharing your knowledge with the St. Louis community. We hope to get the word out that BED represents the largest class of eating disorder diagnoses, that the DSM-V now includes this as a legitimate diagnosis and treatment is available.

Click here to watch the episode segment