Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Staff Spotlight: Stacy Sisson, RN

SStacytacy Sisson has worked at Castlewood Treatment Center since 2001 as part of our dedicated nursing staff. In her 12 years at Castlewood, Stacy has watched us grow and develop as an organization. She shared that “after all these years, Castlewood continues to provide treatment that is highly individualized and we still offer unique treatment for each client.”  “Our leadership has hired clinicians that can each meet the specific needs of the individual clients,” said Stacy. She shared her thoughts on her colleagues saying “one of the things that I love about having a larger staff is that the people who surround me are so qualified and supportive. They keep your fire going, keep you interested, they always have new ideas, and we truly have a team collaborative approach to the treatment of the clients.” Stacy is the overnight nurse at our Castlewood II facility. She shared that her job entails “creating a safe environment where clients can rest and be ready for the next day of therapy.” Her responsibilities involve nursing duties such as performing vitals, nursing assessments, implementing tube feeding protocols and administering medication. Stacy said she also "help clients implement a healthy sleep routine (which a lot of clients  lack when they arrive at Castlewood),  as well as  helps them identify obstacles that interfere with a sound sleep cycle."  But Stacy does much more than that, she is available for clients that need to process their day, or who cannot sleep and need someone safe to sit next to while they journal, and after all these years, she still makes the clients breakfast each morning.  Nancy Albus, CEO shared “Stacy is truly one of the constant aspects of Castlewood. She has cared for clients almost since the first day Castlewood opened their doors.  She is a kind and friendly face to many who need support in the middle of the night and she is a trusted member for those of us who go home and rest well knowing Stacy is in charge.”


Stacy shared her favorite memory of working at Castlewood: “When we first started out, Mark would come over every morning to the main building at Castlewood 1 and get coffee, he would always want music in the living room to liven the atmosphere. He would dance around in the living room and we would all laugh, joke and dance. It would really help the clients relax before breakfast and before a day of intense therapy.” Stacy obtained her degree in nursing from Lutheran Medical Center School of nursing. Prior to working at Castlewood she worked as a charge nurse in an acute psychiatric and chemical dependency unit. Stacy shared that “many of the psychiatric patients actually had a primary diagnosis of eating disorder, but unfortunately they were placed on the same unit as those suffering with psychotic disorders.” “I gained great experience working with clients with eating disorders but I wanted to work somewhere that was a bit more hopeful, provided better therapeutic services and was more interested in healing. As I looked for options, I was amazed that Castlewood had opened, applied right away, and have been here ever since,” said Stacy.