Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Clients Sing Praises of Castlewood Staff

A client at Castlewood Treatment Center  inspired by our dedicated direct care staff recently shared this with our team: Meghan A- Meghan is always looking for ways to notice and connect with each client. She is always willing to make time to check-in no matter what else is going on. It's so completely obvious that she loves her job and her passion makes us feel valued and special. Meghan genuinely demonstrates servant leadership and I often see her doing things for other DC staff outside her normal responsibilities. Meghan is flexible and always has a good attitude no matter what circumstance arises. Even when I'm a jerk, Meghan shows me love and acceptance and makes me want to be a better person/ makes me believe recovery is not only possible but something I am taking steps toward everyday and that I will be free. Amanda- what can I say? She carries peace wherever she goes. Amanda sets a standard and presents goals and challenges that encourage me and push me to break through barriers that I thought were impenetrable. Amanda is a great example of dedication, integrity, and grace. Amanda is not afraid to confront me on my issues/attitude/behavior even when she knows she may receive backlash. I respect her for that and am so appreciative for her boldness. Sarah- Sarah is so tender-hearted. She always displays a genuine concern for others above herself and often goes out of her way to give a voice to my needs and struggles. Sarah has taken so much time to comfort me when I was struggling the most and really needed someone to console me when I didn't know how to ask for it. Salicia- Salicia is a complete and utter asset to this team. Her work ethic and leadership abilities stand out and inspire me to come up to a different level-she raises the standard. Salicia is consistent; trustworthy, and provides stability even in he midst of chaos. I look up to her so much and respect her in every way. I want to be like Salicia. She has eyes in the back of her head and never misses a thing, which actually makes me and other clients feel safe because we know that we are noticed and protected. She always points out my strengths even when there are times when she needs to correct me. Elizabeth- always has a positive attitude. She sees me and always approaches me and engages me through encouragement. She supports me in ways that make me feel empowered and has helped me pull through some difficult situations and stood right beside me, willing to catch me if I fall. She really wants to see us succeed and goes to great lengths to show compassion even in my failures. Courtney- She is one of the first people to volunteer to help her co-workers. She is relatable and reliable, an example of stability. Courtney can cheer me up by making me laugh even when I feel down or hopeless. If she doesn't have an answer, she will go to great lengths to find it for you. Lacey- what a gem. She accepted me from day 1 and makes me feel special and laughs at all my jokes :) she is clearly passionate about her job and I'm so sad she will be at C1.  Lacey has so much wisdom and when I get to talk with her one on one; I listen because she has wisdom far beyond her years. She is the real deal. Beth- Beth is the best of both worlds. Beth is always understanding and willing to explain things to me that I don't necessarily agree with, but will always encourage me to make the best decision possible. Beth is so organized and efficient which is so refreshing when everyone is always rushing around needing a million things from staff. Shannon- she is always so attentive when I talk to her, you can tell she's really listening. She is patient and always willing to help or talk. She's gentle and it's obvious she genuinely cares for each one of us. Dayna- always has a smile on her face. She always has a positive attitude and seems to find the best in everyone. I like that Dayna is friendly but firm, she knows the right balance between being supportive and encouraging while also holding us accountable. Katie- She is so much fun and makes me laugh. She can diffuse any situation and when there is tension at the table, she seems to find a way to lighten the mood. Katie makes me feel like a rockstar, she is always pointing out any positive choice or change I make. I feel accepted around her- like she doesn't just see the ED when she looks at me. Ashley- She is the REAL DEAL. Ashley is not afraid to call me out on my crap, but she will never do it publicly- she always makes sure to take the time to listen and understand the why behind the what in my actions and attitude. Ashley always asks me how I'm doing, and I can tell she really wants to know- its not just a passing platitude. I love her honesty and the way she can tailor her responses to each client, she's very adaptable and I appreciate that because what works for one client won't always work for me. Deme- she goes out of her way to get to know the clients. She's trustworthy and easy to talk to.  She's flexible and goes with the flow which is really important in this atmosphere! She's gonna be great. The nursing staff is all-star. Brooke is a genius and she always knows what to do. Even when I'm pissed beyond pissed she can say two words and I'm calm. She listens and immediately works on getting me an answer or the help I need. She's just so cool too, a person you want to be around. It's nice to walk in every morning and see Holly. She can be doing 8 million things at once and still smile and put you first. She's just a nice person and when I'm feeling rushed in the morning, it's nice to know she's got my back. Myhesia- I'll never forget my first family style dinner when I freaked out because of the seafood and would not leave the living room. She got me my supplement and sat with me and talked me through it. There is no way I would have been able to finish that meal without her support. She's relatable and can make anyone laugh! Joyce is the mama bear- she is always looking out for us. And I have to say, when I was residential and she did night checks, she did them like every 30 minutes to an hour, like clockwork. And she didn't just peak in, she had her flashlight and went around to each bed. That is integrity and diligence. The night shift can really suck but she doesn't let anything slip through the cracks. She's always positive and warm. Stacy is awesome. I am literally late like all the time for bloods and she is always so gracious with me. She remembers everything! I can tell her something one week and she'll follow up with me the next time I see her. She makes me feel pretty special. I'm sure you know how I feel about Rebecca and Kelly. Words can't describe how ridiculously incredible they are so I'm not going to even try. I pretty much owe them my life.