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Castlewood Alumni Raises Funds for ED Awareness

Matthew Ryd, a former client at Castlewood Treatment Center and musician extraordinaire uses his talents each year during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week to raise money for the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) and the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). In previous years he has participated in various fundraisers including creating a video sharing his story with the world to bring awareness to men and eating disorders. Matt shared that he feels that awareness is extremely important when it pertains to eating disorders. "Eating Disorder are generally misunderstood by the general public. It not just about young girls trying to be thin, its not about the media, its about something deeper being wrong and mental illness," shared Matt. "I really encourage people to do some research and learn about this disease to help stop the stigma. People should understand what 10 million people in this country are going through," said Matt. This year for National ED Awareness week, Matt wrote a song entitled "Nothing Left to Lose". He posted this song through  Band Camp- a website which allows you to name your donation price for the music you download and make donations to worthy causes. During ED awareness week which is held each year during the last week of February, Matt helped raise $2700 for NEDA and ANAD. He shared that he "plans to donate all proceeds from this song FOREVER to NEDA and ANAD." "I was humbled by everyone's generosity, when I saw that we passed $2500 I cried," shared Matt. Matt is a professional musician and musical producer. He has four albums and has had songs featured on various TV shows including Scrubs, MTV's Made, and Tony Braxton's reality show on the Oxygen network. For more information on his work or to download any of his music please visit his website and blog. Castlewood Treatment Center  is committed to the comprehensive treatment of men with eating disorders. We understand that their are unique differences between men and women who struggle with this disease. Click here fore more information on our approach to treatment.