Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Top Universities Partner with Castlewood Treatment Center

Eating Disorder symptoms appear to be on the rise among the college age group. Many students are unaware of the dangers of ED behaviors, others are unaware that treatment and therapy are available and can help. Castlewood is dedicated to providing information and spreading awareness to college counseling services. Several top universities have partnered with Castlewood Treatment Center this winter to provide continuing education to Counseling and Psychological Services staff members. Our clinicians work to provide information on ways to identify and assess for eating disorder behaviors, treatment options, ways to help motivate students toward change, and ideas for prevention on campus. In January, Castlewood staff therapist Theresa Chesnut, LCSW spoke at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Around 40 staff members including Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health physicians and the athletic department attended the event. As part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week Castlewood is partnering with the Iowa ED Coalition and Iowa State University. Dr. Jim Gerber is providing a two hour continuing education lecture for the Counseling and Psychological Services department at ISU. He will help the department develop a greater understanding of the links between eating disorder, trauma and attachment. In February and March, Castlewood Treatment Center is sponsoring a lecture series at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.  Stephen's reports a drastic increase in the number of students presenting with ED behaviors and in conjunction with ED awareness month wants to support ED prevention and awareness. Castlewood is working together with their counseling and psychological services to provide education, prevention and awareness to the student body. Katie Thompson, LPC and Erin McGinty, LPC will be giving lectures on various topics in a series to the entire student body.