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Staff Spotlight- Direct Care Staff

Direct Care staff at Castlewood Treatment Center and Monarch Cove Treatment Center work directly with the clients to provide compassionate support during meals, group therapy and free time. Executive Director and CEO, Nancy Albus shared that “The role of the direct care counselor is vital in our treatment process. The support of direct care allows the therapeutic work to have the degree of depth necessary for our clients to achieve full recovery.  The therapists allow the processing and the compassionate approach to continue with the contact the direct care counselors provide each and every client.” “I am truly appreciative of the challenges they face and have always felt it is the hardest job and the most essential to  the daily operation and care of our clients,” said Ms. Albus. This month Castlewood chose to highlight two direct care staff members, Amanda Walker from Castlewood Treatment Centers in St. Louis and Eliza Theroux from Monarch Cove. Amanda WalkerAmanda Walker, MA, PLPC is a direct care staff member with Castlewood and has worked with us since October.  Amanda obtained her Masters of Arts in counseling from Southeast Missouri State University.  She is currently a provisionally licensed counselor working towards full licensure. In addition to her responsibilities of Direct Care she facilitates various therapy groups during the weekends, assists therapy staff with group therapy and was recently promoted to direct care shift supervisor. Amanda can be found primarily at our Castlewood II location. Amanda shared that she “likes working at Castlewood because of the depth of the work, the supportive environment and the holistic approach in the treatment of clients.” "I have found a passion for the treatment of eating disorders and have gained considerable knowledge about the treatment of eating disorders during my employment at Castlewood," said Amanda. Amanda shared that the best part of being direct care staff is that she “gets to be so close with the clients, gets to know them so well, and is able to be a witness to their recovery.” Eliza Theroux, B.A is a direct care staff member at Monarch Cove Treatment Center. Eliza obtained her Bachelors of Arts from Loyola Eliza1University in New Orleans. She is currently beginning a Masters of Social Work program.  Eliza is in recovery from an eating disorder, and shared that she “has a passion for working with people with eating disorders. She is active in Eating Disorder Anonymous and sponsors many newcomers in their pursuit of recovery. Eliza joins our team after having been a stay at home mom for many years. Eliza shared that “my recovery, being a mother of teenagers and my life experience all allow me to provide a great deal of anticipatory guidance to the clients.” As direct care staff “I work to establish rapport with clients. I am there for whatever they need: working on assignments, providing support during groups, helping ease the transition into treatment, assisting in the development of relationships and offering meal support, ” said Eliza.   Eliza shared that she “loves working at Monarch Cove. I am really happy to be here and feel that this is exactly where I need to be.”