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Staff Spotlight: Noah Bruce, Psy.D

Noah Bruce, Psy.D is a primary therapist at Monarch Cove Treatment Center, Castlewood’s California affiliate. Noah joined the staff in July 2012 and has been training at both Castlewood Treatment Center and Monarch Cove in preparation for the opening.  For the past month, Noah has assisted the St. Louis staff by conducting adjunctive therapy sessions, psychosocial evaluations as well as facilitating groups. As Monarch Cove opens he will be a primary therapist and facilitate Module and Core groups as well as lead the research team in California.

Noah shared that he joined the Castlewood team because he “had always wanted to work in a team environment. I thrive in an environment which utilizes research, consultation, intellectual energy, clinical collaboration and a lot of heart. Castlewood provides such an environment.”  “I have always wanted to do quality in-depth work.  Working with Castlewood and Monarch Cove is a way to be in a team environment with an organization as well as professionals who are committed to depth healing,” said Noah.  In his observations of Castlewood Noah shared that “one of the strengths of the Castlewood community is the work between clients: receiving empathy among peers is a huge resource that I get to witness daily.”

In working with Castlewood clients for the past several months, Noah shared “the range and depth of the work that is required for your average client at Castlewood is fascinating and exciting. You have to work on multiple levels incorporating attachment work, family work, trauma work and relationship work while addressing the Eating Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression in order to get at the root of the problem.”

Noah obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Middlebury College in Vermont. He went on to obtain his Psy.D at Pacific Graduate School of Psychology-Stanford Psy.D Consortium. He completed his post doctoral internship at Marin County Mental Health. He has also worked at Kaiser Permanente in their Intensive Outpatient Program facilitating individual and group sessions to assist clients in the transition from inpatient psychiatric hospital. His dissertation is titled Psychotherapist Mindfulness and the Psychotherapy Process (Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, Vol. 47(1), Mar 2010, 83-97).

Noah is influenced by three different theories, short term psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, and Internal Family Systems Theory.  He plans to incorporate these approaches into his work at Monarch Cove.  Noah shared that his strength is “forming alliances with clients and helping them gain insight into their relational dynamics.”  Noah is an extraordinarily gifted clinician who has a similar vision of client care in which the system provides sufficient and comprehensive care to maximize the recovery process. His energy and enthusiasm, as well as his commitment to his clients and knowledge base, all contribute to our feeling very fortunate to have him part of the team," said Dr. Mark Schwartz, Clinical Director.


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