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Secretive Food Concocting in Binge-Eating: Test of a Famine Hypothesis

The International Journal of Eating Disorders published this article on the relationship between binge eating and concocting: the making of strange food mixtures. This is a behavior previously anecdotally noted by eating disorder clinicians but never before systematically investigated. The authors goal was to learn more about binge eating patterns seen in Binge Eating Disorder and what drives these behaviors. Please enjoy reading this article posted below. Secretive Food Concocting in Binge Eating: Test of a Famine Hypothesis Co-Authored by: Mary M. Boggiano, PhD, Bulent Turan, PhD, Christine R. Maldonado, PhD, Kimberly D. Oswald, MA, and Ellen S. Shuman Castlewood Treatment Center supports the International Journal of Eating Disorders and the research of the Academy of Eating Disorders which further the development of the field.