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Binge Eating Disorder Association Annual Conference

Castlewood Treatment Center is proud to support the Binge Eating Disorder Association. The 2013 Annual Conference will be held March 8-10 in Bethesda, Maryland. The conference is open not only to treatment professionals, but individuals, family and friends affected by Binge Eating Disorder. Three distinct tracks are available for various attendees. Click here to see the full schedule.  Castlewood encourages our alumni, our friends and colleagues to consider attending this wonderful conference. Reasons to Attend: You will learn how weight stigma impacts your clients with BED as well as how it impacts all your clients with eating disorders. Castlewood Treatment Center staff Theresa Chesnut, LCSW and Katie Thompson, LPC will present: Creating an Innovative and Effective Treatment Plan for BED: Moving Beyond Traditional Approaches with IFS, Experiential, and Exposure & Response Prevention Therapies Sunday at 9:00 am. Dr. Susan Berkow  and Jacquelyn Jacobson L.P.C. will present on 30 + years of understanding of the impact of gastric by-pass surgery and how it is being used to treat obesity and BED in the Washington D.C. area today. Pioneers of a non-dieting approach Carol Munter and Jane Hershman will both present and be honored for their work in the field. Leaders of the health at any size movement and the food addiction movement will present their research and opinions on treatment. 2013 marks an important milestone for binge eating disorder, which is also referred to as emotional or compulsive eating or food addiction. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) will include binge eating disorder as an official diagnosis code. How will this impact diagnosis and treatment? Find out at the BEDA 2013 National Conference. Binge Eating Disorder in the Spotlight: Focus on Treatment, Research & Stories of Hope
Treatment Providers: Those seeking help will need your guidance and expertise. Are you ready to pave their way to recovery? Attend the BEDA 2013 National Conference to ensure you're prepared. Earn 18 CEUs while your're there.
Those who struggle with BED or know someone who does: The binge eating cycle can be stopped. Plenty of support and treatment options are available. Learn all about them at the BEDA 2013 National Conference.
Advocates: Unite with others who are dedicated to furthering treatment for, recovery from, and prevention of binge eating disorder through educating the public and influencing policy.