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Staff Spotlight: Dr. Jim Gerber

For over ten years, Dr. Jim Gerber has been an essential part of the Castlewood Treatment Center family by providing compassionate and professional services to his clients. In respect of his 20 years of extensive therapeutic experience and his successful career at Castlewood, we are pleased to congratulate him on his newest position as Clinical Director.  Nancy Albus, CEO of Castlewood Treatment Centers, shared that “We are excited about the clinical leadership and knowledge that Jim brings to the talented and skilled therapeutic staff.” As clinical director, Dr. Gerber stated that he “plans to maintain the quality of the clinical work that has always been associated with Castlewood, which includes continuing to be aware of the intricacies of all aspects of eating disorders as well as all sub types of eating disorders.” Dr. Gerber’s expanded role will include clinical supervision of staff, facilitating group therapy, and following each client’s progress in clinical treatment planning. Dr. Gerber shared that he loves working at Castlewood because “I love the people I work with, both co-workers and clients.  Watching the clients high level of creativity and intelligence unfold is rewarding.  The environment is constantly stimulating as the staff is always re-conceptualizing the nature of disorder and treatment.”

Dr. Jim Gerber began his journey at the Kansas City Art Institute earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He then moved on to obtain his Master of Arts from Washington University.  Dr. Gerber continued his education at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville earning his MA in Art Therapy and his PhD from Saint Louis University. After completing his PhD, Dr. Gerber worked in private practice treating sexual offenders on probation and parole.  It was at this time while reading literature in the field, that “I became interested in object relations theory and attachment theory and first read Mark Schwartz’ and Lori Galperin’s writing regarding their work with sexual offenders with attachment theory,” shared Dr. Gerber.  “I became extremely interested in their work and eventually began to work for them at the Masters and Johnson Program in St. Louis,” said Dr. Gerber.  While working at this program Dr. Gerber shared, “I learned to facilitate the Masters and Johnson model of sex therapy as well as treated trauma, dissociation and sexual compulsivity in their day treatment program.”

Shortly after Dr. Schwartz and Ms. Galperin opened Castlewood Treatment Center, Dr. Gerber came to work for Castlewood as a primary therapist.  Dr. Gerber shared that he “wanted to work with Mark and Lori in a program that addressed the underlying components of disorders, the client’s attachment deficits, and worked in-depth with the client’s entire clinical picture.”  “Through my experience with Castlewood, the staff trainings, world class guest lectures and trainings from the dietitians, I have developed a greater understanding of the complexities of eating disorders,” said Dr. Gerber.

Dr. Mark Schwartz, ScD, the Consulting Clinical Director for Castlewood Treatment Center, shared this about Dr. Gerber taking over as Acting Clinical Director: “Jim Gerber, PhD, has been a senior clinician with us since our Masters  & Johnson days.  As a trauma therapist, he is one of the best.  As we began to specialize in eating disorders 13 years ago, he continued excelling and is now a master clinician.  He was the natural choice to take over as Clinical Director of Castlewood.”


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  • Congratulations, Jim! It’s just a shame the girls won’t have the benefit that I enjoyed of having you as an individual therapist. Luckily they will all be well cared for under your watchful eye. -Hilary Krosney Rediker

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