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Staff Spotlight: Rebecca Sikorski, RD, LD

Rebecca Sikorski is a Registered Dietitian at Castlewood Treatment Center. She is a primary dietitian and facilitates Eating Disorder group therapy at Castlewood II.  Rebecca also works with the chefs and kitchen staff as a liaison between this department and the clients. She works with our head chef, Bryan Mitra, to complete menu development and ensure clients are getting their nutritional needs met.

Rebecca obtained her Bachelors of Science in Community and Medical Dietetics from Viterbo University with a minor in psychology.  Rebecca completed her Dietetic Internship at Castlewood in 2009.  Upon graduation she promptly began working with our team of dietitians.  Rebecca shared that “during my internship I knew working with people struggling with Eating Disorders was my niche.”  “I strongly enjoy the counseling aspects of the job and getting to building impactful relationships with each individual client. I have a passion for helping individuals reclaim a healthy relationship with food and their body,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca works with all types of Eating Disorders at Castlewood. “Having the ability to work with a variety of clients is essential at Castlewood,” shared Rebecca.  “I feel that I am able to have compassion and curiosity and to get to know the clients and understand what is really going on for them,” said Rebecca. “It’s not simply about the food, it’s also about communicating closely with the other members of the treatment team to pull through the threads from individual and group therapy and helping the client to see how these aspects are played out on to the food,” shared Rebecca.

“Rebecca not only approaches the eating disorder from an objective and intellectual place nutritionally, but she is also able to compassionately connect to each of the clients and help them separate from their eating disorder in order to aid the client in learning to eat intuitively,” said Emily Williams, Program Director for Castlewood II.

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