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Patricia Crittenden Conference A Success

In October, Castlewood hosted a three day conference with featured speaker  Patricia Crittenden, Ph.D - attachment theory researcher  The conference was attended by clinicians from St. Louis and across the US as well as Castlewood staff. Dr. Crittenden spoke regarding the various stages of attachment development and how clinicians can help facilitate a healthy attachment within their clients. Castlewood is dedicated to providing quality continuing education for clincians to further the development of a strong therapeutic community. Participants were pleased with the content and quality of the conference. One participant shared this on her evaluation:  “I was extremely impressed with Lisa/marketing, registration, and all pre-conference contacts and thoughtfulness for/about attendees.  The parking lot and shuttle was extremely helpful- Nancy; excellent directions provided.  The staff without exception, even Marsha in housekeeping provided “service excellence” to us as customers.  Marketing materials-top of the line and explanation and photo. Speaker was passionate re: topic: nice folder of handouts and visual slides. Meals and snacks were great! Chef was open and interactive at meals. Staff kept us on schedule. Tours of the facility really helped as well as staff leading tours and answering questions. It is evident that the Castlewood Staff share a sense of family /warmth/closeness and brightness and fun.  I will be referring clients as a result of my experience.  I will be “marketing” for Castlewood.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience!” Castlewood hosts conferences with featured speakers and staff speakers throughout the year. Be sure to visit our upcoming conferences section of the website for more details.