Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

The best decision I have ever made

"I had struggled with an eating disorder most of my life.  From age 16-22 it was really bad.  I had a few good years but at age 28 I found my life unraveling.  I was bingeing and purging uncontrollably and my weight had plummeted.  My therapist recommended a higher level of care and after researching several options – I chose Castlewood.  And it was the best decision I have ever made.  Castlewood worked with me as an individual – not just the standard treatment protocol for an individual with an eating disorder.  They included my family.  They addressed the underlying issues (depression, childhood trauma, etc).  I felt cared for and heard.  I was challenged yet supported.  It wasn’t just about the food – yet the food was addressed.  Over a year’s time I spent approximately 8 months at Castlewood in different levels of care.  A year after my discharge, I was struggling with eating disorder behaviors so I attended the Intensive Outpatient Program.  I found that program to be extremely helpful in changing behaviors before they got to the point of needing residential treatment.  I was able to focus on some issues and change behaviors while still working and having my normal social life. The therapists at Castlewood were the best I’ve ever worked with.  They listened and supported but also challenged my thinking and attitudes.  I grew as a person in ways I never thought possible.  I came into Castlewood defeated and hopeless – relying on a G-tube for sustenance.  I now am living a life of recovery and have gotten married and have two beautiful children.  I know that without the help of Castlewood I would not be where I am.  With staff guidance and expertise, I was able to create a beautiful life out of a crazy mess. I hope I never need treatment again!  I have been living in solid recovery for over 2 years now.  But if I ever do need more help, I would not hesitate to return to Castlewood." ~Anonymous