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I believe that an dealing successfully with eating disorders

"Thank you for the monthly Castlewood newsletters.  My daughter was a client at Castlewood for two months at the beginning of 2012.  Castlewood has given her the tools to begin a new life full of the hopes and dreams that she never before thought possible.  She is doing well in her recovery.  For the most part, our family is doing well in her recovery.  As I read through your recent newsletter, I was moved to walk back in time and  experience again my thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams that I experienced during my family week-end visit to Castlewood. As a fifteen year recovering alcoholic, I couldn't help but to re-live so much of my recovery. It is so encouraging to see that the focus now being used in treating eating disorders  treats the whole person and not just a single symptom.  I feel strongly that we are the sum of our parts.  When the parts get broken we have to replace them or fix them.  Sometimes the parts don't fit quite right so we have to throw them out and start over.  I believe that in dealing successfully with eating disorders, as the same for alcoholism, that my daughter feels empowered to  manage, control and achieve the baby steps and the giant steps in her recovery demands   The difference for her in her present recovery is that she is a strong partner in a multi-professional team that supports her, and most importantly, that provides her the tools to  believe in herself enough so that she can fully believe in her support team. It has been said so often that it is not the destination but the journey that is most important. So true." Respectfully, Pat