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Weight Stigma Awareness Week: Recommit

Thursday's theme for Weight Stigma Awareness Week is Recommit. BEDA is encouraging each of us to recommit to taking care of ourselves and our bodies, recommit to ending fat talk, and to challenge weight stigma. One of the most difficult things in life to do is make time for self-care. We all get so busy with our lives, with taking care of our jobs, families, friends, and responsibilities that we forget about self-care. This can cause us to feel exhausted, frustrated, and even make us resent those responsibilities. I know that in my life when I make self-care a priority I feel centered, and better able to take care of my responsibilities. Below are a few examples of self-care that I find helpful! Self-Care-
  • Take a nice leisurely walk
  • Get a pedicure
  • Journal
  • Take a drive (without any one else in the car) and jam out to some awesome music!
  • Positive self- talk and affirmations
  • Taking a yoga or mindful movement class- reconnecting to my body
  • Make a date with a good friend to talk- even if it is just over skype!
  • Go out to dinner or a movie with good friends
  • If you have kids, do something FUN with them- go to the zoo, park, aquarium. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child can be very re-energizing!
In addition to recommitting to self care, BEDA is encouraging us to recommit to ending fat talk. When we have conversations with our friends, lets commit to not discussing calories, dieting, how "fat we are" or weight loss. Instead lets discuss the latest book we read, the movie we saw, what is happening in our lives, jobs, families.  Lets commit to building up people rather than judging them. When we see someone that the world considers less than perfect (which is ALL OF US) lets commit to challenging the negative comments in our heads and commit to never letting them leave or lips! When our co-workers or friends make comments about how others look, or make assumptions about others based on their weight, let's challenge it, not just ignore it. Most of us would never allow someone to say something discriminatory against someone in our presence but we often let people engage in prejudice based on weight. Why is that acceptable? Lets end fat talk one conversation at a time.... It wasn't too long ago that bigotry based on race was a common topic of conversation... this is now taboo and unacceptable too most of us. You can make a difference by showing those around you, your children, family,and  friends, that weight stigma is unacceptable as well!

“In the end antiblack, antifemale, and all forms of discrimination are equivalent to the same thing - anti-humanism." ~ Shirley Chisholm.