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Weight Stigma Awareness Week: Reclaim

The theme of day 3 of Weight Stigma Awareness Week is RECLAIM. The idea for today is to RECLAIM your body image as your own. How do you CHOOSE to see yourself, if not through the lens of societies standards, what is your self-image? What do you truly value about yourself, others and the world around you? Lets all reclaim our bodies and our lives from the values and expectations placed upon us by others. I invite all of you to do some writing about the above questions! Below are my thoughts! So what do I value? I value in myself and others honesty, integrity, compassion, gentleness, kindness, laughter, fun, and connection. I feel the best about myself when I am connected to my body and my sense of spirituality. How do I connect- through breath, stretching, mindfullness and gentle exercise- not through changing it, starving it, dieting, or staring in a mirror self loathing. I connect to my spirituality through music, prayer, and devotionals. When my body image reflects an accurate self image of compassion and kindness rather than shame or the messages from others- I value myself. When I am gentle with myself and others, I find happiness. When I see myself through the eyes of a Loving God, and see that I was created to share love and joy with others, I can find contentment within myself. The best medicine for a bad body image day is to take care of myself, surround myself with people who build me up, and to say positive affirmations about myself and my life. Castlewood's Approach:  Castlewood is committed to helping our clients develop an accurate and positive self image that promotes a healthy body image. We work with our clients to promote self-compassion and positive affirmation. We work to help clients reduce the shame associated with their bodies and build a relationship build on what their body does for them not TO them.