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Alumni Corner- Coping Skills

Ian, a Castlewood Alumni shared with us about how he is putting the skills he learned at Castlewood to use! SKILLS I LEARNED AT CASTLEWOOD WHICH I AM APPLYING AT HOME One of the most important skills I learned at Castlewood was to not numb my emotions and let them be as they are and be curious towards them. I learned restriction and exercise numbs the emotions for a brief period of time only to return even stronger and it is normal to have these emotions. Since being at Castlewood, I have been able to manage my anxiety better with mindfulness; basically just trying to stay in the moment and journaling. Learning how to build a support network has really helped me since I have been at home. I have learned how to reach out for help despite how difficult it is to do. Having a balanced life was difficult before being at Castlewood. These are just some of the coping skills which I learned at Castlewood and have been able to apply at home. There are so many more! TESTIMONIAL I would highly recommend Castlewood Treatment Center to anyone who is seeking treatment for an eating disorder. I came to Castlewood in December 2011 feeling really hopeless and lost. Life felt miserable. My eating disorder was consuming all my time and energy. I had no time for anything else. I was hesitant going to Castlewood as I had really bad experiences in previous hospital based programs. I had so much anxiety and fear but I wanted to give life one more chance. At Castlewood I found staff who truly cared about the clients. They treated everyone as individuals. The staff was simply amazing. I have never met such a dedicated and incredible group of professionals. They are all caring, compassionate, honest, and kind. They went above and beyond. Frontline staff were always available to talk to. You felt like a human being. Programs were individualized to the clients’ needs. I had my doubts about  groups at first as I didn’t find them helpful in past treatment centres. Castlewood changed my mind about group therapy. Groups were excellent in that you were able to give and receive feedback from your peers. I had wonderful therapists who helped and believed in me immensely. They were able to work with my anxiety, depression, and eating disorder concurrently. My dietician made me realize it is not about the food and was able to help with body image issues. A psychiatrist and Registered Nurse were also part of my team. I truly felt cared for. It is hard work but there was so much support at Castlewood. I can’t thank the staff enough for helping me. I still stay in contact with my dietician and therapists since being discharged in May 2012.  I don’t know of any other programs where you can do this. Thanks to all the staff at Castlewood.