Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Staff Spotlight- Brooke Thouvenot, RN

Brooke Thouvenot is an RN and the Director of Nursing for Castlewood Treatment Center. Brooke has worked at Castlewood since October 2010 as a registered nurse. Brooke came to Castlewood with a background in psychiatric nursing from St. Mary’s Hospital. She also has worked in cardiac and ICU nursing. During her work as a psychiatric nurse, Brooke wanted to take a holistic approach of integrating psychological needs and medical needs. She shared that she has “found this multidisciplinary, team approach at Castlewood. “I like watching the Castlewood team work together to get the best care for our clients; Working towards full recovery not just placing a band-aid on the problem.” I get to work with the physicians, dietitians, and clinical leadership to take a problem solving approach to the treatment of our clients, and feel empowered to share my perspective,” shared Brooke. Brooke is excited about her new role as the Director of Nursing. Her new role allows her to “develop new medication management systems that ensure that Castlewood has the highest standard of excellence,” shared Brooke. Brooke is also a Level I medication aid instructor and now teaches the Level I training to direct care staff. This allows her to “teach the Castlewood staff not only on the standard level I training, but make the training specific to Castlewood, our policies and procedures, as well as teach about Eating Disorders and medications,” said Brooke. Brooke shared that this Castlewood specific training “results in a more efficient and safer medication administration process.” Castlewood looks forward to the continued development of our nursing and medical care at Castlewood through amazing employees like Brooke.